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Avoiding predatory lenders

For those who are planning to get a mortgage, one of the most important parts of choosing a bad credit mortgage company to work with is avoiding predatory lenders. It is really important that you know which type of lenders you should avoid. Predatory lenders run smooth operations, and specialize in taking advantage of those who are inexperienced or think that they have few or no other loan options. However, thoughtful and informed mortgage company shopping will go a long way towards avoiding predatory lenders and the hook, line and sinker methods they employ.
Remember, if a bad credit lender is trying to hook you – making first contact and aggressively selling their services – be suspicious. When avoiding predatory lenders, you’ll have to be alert, as some use more subtle types of hooks than the blatant hard sell. They may sprinkle their conversation with such phrases as ‘bad credit, no problem,’ and make it all seem very easy. A predatory lender may try to rush you, perhaps pushing you towards a deal, saying it may not be available much longer. They are interested in making their fees, and you keeping the house is not important to unscrupulous bad credit lenders. In fact, it’s better for them if you don’t.

Knowledge is the best way of avoiding predatory lenders when seeking a bad credit lender. Predatory lenders count on their victims, not having a lot of knowledge about the lending process, legal or financial. If you do a little research prior to seeking a lender, you have less of a chance of being fooled by some of the lines predatory lenders use. You won’t be lured into a loan that is too high under the premise that you’ll be able to refinance after a year or so for a lower rate. A legitimate new home loan bad credit lender will advise you against an arrangement that consumes more than 30% of your monthly income. You’ll know to read every word of the contract to make sure that it matches exactly what you were told. With research, you’ll know what common lending rates and fees are and be able to compare with clarity, rather than be taken a smooth line.
Often, predatory lenders prey upon those that they consider to be in a financially precarious position. They prey on people who feel as though they don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to lenders. Unprincipled new home loan bad credit lenders take advantage of these situations by offering arrangements that court loan repayment failure. These include balloon payments, a large sum due at the end of the mortgage, prepayment penalties, which punish the borrower for paying off the loan early, generally through the sale or refinancing, and mandatory arbitration clauses, which do not permit you to bring a complaint against the lender to court.
When the time comes that you need to shop for a bad credit lender, do your research first. There are numerous resources available to help you in avoiding predatory lenders. And, remember, no matter how bad your credit may be, you always have a choice. Making the choice to wait is always better than accepting a predatory loan arrangement.